Dec. 23, 2021

3 Ways Successful Salespeople Spend Their Time

3 Ways Successful Salespeople Spend Their Time

Most people would answer the question “What do salespeople do?” by explaining how they identify and approach clients in order to make sales. While that is the definition of a sales job, it doesn’t fully encompass how a successful salesperson spends their time. Contrary to popular belief, the top salespeople don’t spend all of their time talking customers into closing a sale. However, this is believed by those both outside and inside of the sales industry! The truth is that successful salespeople are well-rounded. While they don’t spend all of their time making sales, everything that they do spend time on helps them to become a better salesperson. Here are three ways that successful salespeople spend their time: 

Planning their days

Successful salespeople always start their day with a plan. When you don’t have a plan, it’s easy to get distracted, forget to complete important tasks and lack motivation. All of these are absolutely detrimental for a salesperson. Planning can help salespeople get a clear image of what their day should look like. However, planning doesn’t just keep salespeople on track for a single day. It’s been proven that salespeople who spend 24-36 minutes planning every day increase their weekly sales.

Prioritizing profitable tasks

Part of daily planning- and succeeding as a salesperson- is to prioritize certain tasks. While some people prioritize tasks by their urgency or difficulty, there is another way to prioritize your to-do list: by how profitable each task is. Yes, it’s important to start of difficult or time-consuming tasks early and to finish urgent tasks in a timely manner. However, salespeople who prioritize profitable tasks excel in their careers. Profitable tasks like following up with customers and setting sales meetings are crucial; other tasks like admin should be outsourced.


Working all day everyday is a recipe for burnout. It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about your career or how determined you are to succeed; if you don’t rest, you will burnout. Salespeople who are burnt out are physically incapable of being good at their job. Just think about it- if you’re so tired that you can’t keep your eyes open when pitching a product to a prospective client, do you think that you’ll close that sale? No! Absolutely not! While sales does involve long hours and late nights, it’s imperative that salespeople catch up on rest when they can.

There is no single secret to becoming the best salesperson. In order to become a top salesperson, you need to master a series of tasks that extend far beyond the office. Your time off of work should be split between getting enough rest and also doing small, productive things daily, like planning your week and prioritizing profitable tasks. If you can master this, you will be an incredible salesperson.