Dec. 23, 2021

5 Essential Traits Needed for Software Sales Jobs

5 Essential Traits Needed for Software Sales Jobs

As the software market continues to grow, it’s creating countless new jobs in the United States and abroad. According to Statista, $352 billion was spent on enterprise software worldwide in 2017.  By the end of 2021, 99% of organizations will be using one or more SaaS solutions. 

While there are dozens of career paths available in the software market, sales is often the preferred path because of its lucrative pay, flexibility and high growth potential. However, software sales is still quite the competitive industry. For aspiring sales reps in the software market, these traits are essential for success:

#1) Good listener

Successful software sales reps know the importance of listening. Rather than reading from a cookie-cutter script, they create a two-way dialog with their prospects by asking questions and listening to the prospect’s response. This allows for a stronger connection between the prospect and sales rep that ultimately drives sales.

#2) Determination

Determination is an essential trait needed for software sales jobs. Only sales reps who take a proactive approach towards contacting prospects and nurturing them through the sales process will be successful. Sales reps must be determined to succeed in the highly competitive software market. However, keep in mind that sales reps shouldn’t be overly aggressive. Calling a prospect a half-dozen times per day will only lower the chances of a sale. The best way to make a sale is to show your determination to customers through your passion for the software.

#3) Knowledgeable

Of course, successful sales reps are also knowledgeable. They know the product or service they are selling like the back of their hand. This is particularly important when selling software because of the technical nature of the product. Unless a prospect has firsthand experience with the software, they probably doesn’t know what it does, how it works or how it would benefit them. Therefore, sales reps must explain the software’s functions and how it can benefit the prospect’s business or life.

#4) Analytical

Data is available to all companies that rely on sales to generate profit. Rather than turning a blind eye to it, forward-thinking sales reps analyze it for use in their sales strategy. Sales reps can analyze audience metrics, for example, to see which demographic is most likely to buy their products. Using this information, they can create a sales strategy that specifically targets this demographic.

#5) Fast learner

Finally, the ability to learn quickly is an invaluable trait for software sales reps. Software constantly changes; new products are released, and existing products are updated. To project the value of their software to prospects, sales reps must continue to learn and educate themselves about what they are selling. 

Without these five character traits, you would find it very difficult to become successful in software sales. However, don’t worry if you aren’t naturally analytical or a good listener. These skills can be developed with practice and determination.