Dec. 23, 2021

Effective B2B Sales Techniques That Increase Your Success

Effective B2B Sales Techniques That Increase Your Success

Using the right sales techniques increases the success rate of B2B sales.  If you want to improve your skills keep reading to learn a few sales tips that will help. 

Research the Business First

You must determine which features and benefits of your product or service to highlight when making your sales pitch. This will probably depend on the unique needs of the particular business you are reaching out to.  

That is why you must find out more about the business before presenting your pitch.   You can conduct this research by: 

  • Investigating the company’s website;
  • Subscribing to the company’s newsletter;
  • Looking at the company’s social media profiles;
  • Reading the company’s blog.  

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

Instead of attempting to reach as many different businesses as you can, narrow your focus on prospects that stand to gain the most from your product or service.   This B2B sales strategy keeps you from wasting time on prospects that are not likely to convert. 

You should also narrow your focus when it comes to deciding which sales techniques to use.  You don’t want to expend time and energy on strategies that aren’t going to produce results. 

According to Sales Hacker, the two questions you need to be asking yourself are, “What are the top 20% of targets that will drive 80% of sales?” and, “What 20% of your actions drive 80% of results?” 

When you have the answers to those questions you will know what actions and prospects to concentrate on.  

Don’t Take on a Marketer’s Job

Sending mass emails with generic messages falls on the marketer’s shoulders, not yours.   However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send customized emails to prospects.  This B2B sales strategy is intended to cultivate a relationship with potential customers   

Don’t Rush the Process

Obviously, you want to close a sale, but don’t let that goal cause you to push the process along too quickly.  This could end up backfiring on you by chasing prospects away.  

Also, keep in mind that retaining customers might be even more important than acquiring new customers.  So even though it could take a while to convince a prospect to make a purchase, the real goal is to turn that prospect into a long-term customer.      

Know Everything About Your Product

If you want to sell a product you have to know it like the back of your hand.  Not only will this in-depth knowledge enable you to accurately describe how great the product truly is, but it will also clearly show that you are an expert.  When prospects see that you know your stuff, they will trust you what you tell them 

Emphasize How Your Product or Service Helps Customers

Some prospects might not immediately grasp how your product or service can help them.   In those cases, it’s up to you to point out the problems your product or service solves.  Give those prospects a few examples of how they will benefit if they accept what your company has to offer them.

Interact on Social Media

Prove your expertise by making insightful comments on your prospects’ social media posts.   You don’t have to come off as a know it all.  Instead, your genuine desire should be to help others who read your comments.

This will show your willingness to help while also proving that you are able to help.  Even better, reading your prospects’ social media posts will give you some valuable insight into what potential customers need and want.   

Use what you learn from those social sites to come up with the best approach for selling your product or service to a particular prospect. 

Have Regular Meetings with the Marketing Team

According to Agile CRM, the sales and marketing departments should work together on analytical tasks involving: 

  • The sales funnel;
  • Lead scoring;
  • Lead qualification;
  • And more.

 These meetings will help to harmonize sales and marketing efforts so that the marketing team is contributing to the success of the B2B sales strategy.

Do Your Best to Be Prepared

There is a lot on the line when making a sales call.  We don’t want to put any unnecessary pressure on you, but we do hope this realization will motivate you to properly prepare.  The better you prepare for each sales call, the more likely you will achieve success. 

Don’t Give Up on Old Leads

Agile CRM says, “The B2B sales cycle takes much longer than B2C. It’s common that a lead you speak to today won’t be ready to make a buy decision until next year.”

 So, pay attention to this sales tip and don’t give up on old leads. If you fail to reach out you might be missing some great sales opportunities. 

Make a Good First Impression

The first few moments of contact are crucial.  If you get this part right, you will be setting yourself up for success for the rest of the sales process. 

Here is what to strive for during initial contact: 

  • Give prospects a reason to trust you.  Without trust, the person on the other end of the line won’t listen to anything you say.
  • Focus on making prospects feel comfortable.  You should make the experience as pleasant as possible for them.   

Remember, that first impression is only the start.  The sales process is long (especially in B2B sales) and your ultimate goal of converting a lead to a paying customer most likely won’t occur for a while.  

However, that does not diminish the importance of making a good impression right from the start. 

Make Prospects Aware of Potential Losses 

Think about what companies have to lose by not purchasing your product or service then make sure they know it!  If prospects are on the fence about whether or not to make a purchase, this awareness of potential losses could tip them over to the buying side.

After learning about the B2B sales techniques listed in this article, you are probably eager to try them. Test all of these sales tips to find out which tactics work best for you. 

Remember, different strategies work for different people and situations. But the sales techniques given above should get you started in the right direction for developing your own B2B sales strategy.