Dec. 23, 2021

How to Start Social Selling

How to Start Social Selling

Social selling can be a very effective strategy when attempting to broaden your reach and strengthen relationships with prospects.  If you are serious about making more sales, you will read this article to learn all about social selling.  

What is Social Selling?

A social selling strategy utilizes social media for the purpose of reaching prospects and building brand awareness.  This is accomplished by posting valuable content on social media platforms.

But does it work?  According to LinkedIn research it does.  This social media platform found that, “78% of social sellers outsell in comparison to colleagues who don’t use social media.”

This is because social media offers B2B sales professionals the opportunity to engage prospects and current customers, which promotes long-term relationships with a large number of followers.     

How is that possible?  For starters, these platforms allow sellers to stay in constant contact with prospects.   

This helps B2B sellers spot signs that indicate a particular prospect’s readiness to take the next step, ultimately preventing sellers from making a move at the wrong time or missing out on a great opportunity. 

The benefits of social selling include:

  • Increasing brand awareness;
  • Strengthening relationships with prospects;
  • Gaining insight into the needs and desires of prospects, which helps sales professionals understand the best way to approach them;
  • Convincing prospects that sales reps can be trusted, based on the valuable content they post.

Steps for Starting Social Selling

How does one get started on social media?  It’s not that complicated.  Remember, you are using the platform to connect with prospects and share high-quality content that helps your followers. 

Get started by following the steps listed below: 

  1. Determine where your prospects are most likely to hang out.  Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Follow them to the platforms they have chosen. 
  2. Create an account on that social media platform.
  3. Start creating high-quality content to post.
  4. Make sure the tone of your posts matches the feel of your brand.  
  5. Share content created by others that would benefit your audience.
  6. Respond to each comment on your posts. 
  7. Find other posts to comment on.  This step, as well as the previous one, will help you build relationships with prospects.

Social Selling Tips for Success

If you really want to succeed on social media, try following the tips below.

Start Out with a Completed Profile

Taking the time to fill out every bit of your profile will pay off.  Make sure your profile is finished before you start posting content and interacting with followers.  This will accomplish two things:

  • Followers who are interested in your posts and want to learn more about you will be able to find more information by checking out your profile
  • A completed profile will appear more professional and trustworthy.

Share Content First

If you are just starting out on social media, you might be so overwhelmed by it all that you can’t even think about creating your own content.  No biggie.  Just share content that others have created.  

This will give your credibility and presence on social media a quick boost, provided the content you share is high-quality and relevant to the needs of your followers.

 We are not suggesting that you should always rely on what others create.  We are simply giving you a way to start building your presence on social media while you are still learning how it works.  

Once you are more familiar with social media, you should be ready to start creating and publishing your own content.

Focus on Value

Whether you are posting your own content or sharing what’s been created by others, your posts must offer value to your audience.  Anything that lacks value will be overlooked by your followers.  Keep this at the forefront of your mind whenever you are thinking about what to post.

And when you are ready to start creating your own content, don’t make every post a sales pitch. Instead, focus on giving without asking for anything in return.   You will be paid back in the long run.   

Take a Look at High-Engagement Posts

Scroll through your feed to find posts that are receiving a high number of comments.   Taking a look at these posts will show you:

  • What your prospects feel about the topics they are discussing
  • What type of content gets the most attention from your prospects.

Stick to a Regular Schedule

The key to a successful social selling strategy is consistency.  That means you should be posting and engaging with prospects on a regular basis.

Analyze Engagement Metrics

Review the likes, comments, and shares your posts get.  This will tell you which type of content your audience is most likely to notice and engage with.  Such knowledge will guide you in the direction you should take when posting in the future. 

Post Testimonials

What better way to convince prospects of the value of your service or product than to share how it’s helped others? Pretty Links cites research conducted by Nielsen, saying, “92% of people will trust a recommendation from a peer, and 70% will trust a recommendation from a complete stranger.”    

Testimonials provide proof that what you are trying to sell is as great as you claim.   This will make prospects more comfortable with the idea of purchasing what your company has to offer.

Make Contact Outside of Social Media

There comes a time when you must make contact with prospects outside of social media.   But you have to do this at the right moment in order to increase your odds of moving the prospect to the next step of the sales process.

The director of HubSpot, Dan Tyre, says that he does not attempt to connect with prospects outside of social media until his interactions with them reveal that they match his Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).   When that happens, he reaches out with an email and a call.  

As you can see, social selling has the potential to increase your connections with prospects.   But you have to know the right methods in order to succeed. By following the steps and tips given in this article, you will soon be reaping all the benefits of social selling.