Dec. 23, 2021

What to Know Before Accepting a Sales Job

What to Know Before Accepting a Sales Job

The idea of going into sales can be extremely exciting. Not only is it an extremely lucrative career, but it doesn’t seem to require much specialized skill. After all, what could be so hard about selling a product to a customer, right? Wrong. Sales is far from an easy career. Most salespeople work long and difficult hours. While it can be rewarding and profitable, it requires quite a bit of work. You need to be dedicated and driven if you want to excel. However, you need to be prepared more than anything. If you are considering taking the leap into a sales position, here are a few things that you should know first: 

Brace yourself for long hours

Working in sales is not like working in any other career. If you go into a sales job expecting to work a normal 9-5, you’ll be sorely disappointed. With sales, you’ll have to be much more flexible. Hours will be long because you’ll have a plethora of tasks and extra meetings just for sales.

Develop thick skin

Sales is not a job for someone who is extra sensitive. When you make your sales pitch to potential customers, you’re going to hear “no” much more often than “yes.” If you don’t have thick skin, you’ll take the no’s personally and end up getting your feelings hurt. 

Be competitive

With sales, you need to be in it to win it. Sales can be a cut throat industry and if you aren’t ready to take on your competition, you won’t be able to close sales. Before you accept a sales job, you need to be ready to take your competition on head on.

Be able to adapt to change

The sales industry is constantly changing. The constant advancements in technology only exist to make salespeople’s lives easier. If you are unable to adapt to constant change, you won’t be able to excel in sales whatsoever.

Know that not every sales job is the same

A common misconception is that one sales job is the same as all other sales jobs. While there are common traits and characteristics that every salesperson should possess, the details of sales jobs are different. It’s crucial that you can not only adapt to changes in the career, but also to changes within specific companies.

Sales can be an enjoyable career- if you are properly prepared. If you don’t know what you’re getting into, coming into sales can be both confusing and extremely overwhelming. However, if you take our advice and know what to expect with a career in sales, then you will do well. Just put in the hard work, accept the initial long hours, and focus on building relationships with your customers. When you have a strong connection with them, all of the hardships in your career will feel worth it.