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Anthony Zhang

VP Sales @ Blissfully

With over 16 years of sales experience, Anthony Zhang has led sales and sales development for countless startups, including being the first SDR at Pardot (pre-Salesforce acquisition) and the first hire at SalesLoft. His most recent accomplishment was taking Stax (previously known as Fattmerchant) from $3-$25mill and growing the sales team by 130% over 3 years, leading to company acquisition by Greater Sum Ventures.

Anthony’s passion lies in building sales for early-stage startups, mentoring sales professionals, and giving back to the sales community.

You’ve probably seen Anthony’s posts on LinkedIn, ranging from tactical sales methodologies and processes, to sales leadership, to his own personal stories of growth, success, and failures. You can also find him in the RevGenius community and Thursday Night Sales.

July 1, 2021

What Metrics Matter to Be an Effective Sales Leader

Episode 2: What Metrics Matter to Be an Effective Sales Leader with Anthony Zhang Welcome to the second episode of the Sales Sam…

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