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Liz Heiman

CEO/Sales Strategist

Liz Heiman is the founder and structural thinker behind Regarding Sales LLC, a company focused on building B2B sales operating systems that drive extraordinary growth. Liz uses strategy and process to build a roadmap for success that focuses her clients on getting their desired results.

Early in her career, Liz trained some of the world’s powerhouse sales organizations. Using Strategic Selling™ and Conceptual Selling™ she helped them boost sales through enhancement of their sales processes and systems. Now her focus is start-ups and mid-sized companies selling into complex environments including medical, government, and enterprise.

While most of Liz’s customers build foundations that help them achieve sustainable year-over-year growth, others have realized exponential growth very quickly, one achieving $10 million in one year.

Liz is on a mission to challenge assumptions, build trust, and make founders’ dreams come true.

May 26, 2022

Mastering your Sales Funnel

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