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Torrance Hart


As Founder and CEO of Teak & Twine, Torrance Hart leads the sales team in addition to driving business strategy.

A born entrepreneur, Torrance spent eight years in the Air Force before launching Teak & Twine in2015. The company was born out of her combined passion for business and marketing and her love of quality products in beautiful packaging.

At the time, Teak & Twine was focused on creating custom wedding guest boxes, but an opportunity to create a holiday gift for Microsoft helped Torrance identify the company’s true niche. She’s since grown Teak & Twine into a multi-million dollar business focused exclusively on corporate gifting.

Jan. 6, 2022

Leveraging Strategic Gifting in Sales

In today’s episode of ‘Sales Samurai’ podcast, host Sam Capra, talks with guest Torrance Hart (Founder and CEO of Teak & Twine) a…

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