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Zach Barney

VP Sales @ Vehlo

Zach Barney is the VP of Sales Enablement at Vehlo, where he not only handles onboarding, training, and tech stack implementation for their 11 portfolio companies, but also serves as interim VP of Sales for various companies in their portfolio as needed. Outside of Vehlo, Zach does startup sales consulting, and absolutely loves spending time with his wife, Erika and their 5 children. He loves running and biking, as well as watching basketball. Fun Fact: Should Zion Williamson hit his stride as an NBA megastar, Zach will be a very happy camper, as he currently owns 30+ Zion rookie cards!

Aug. 26, 2021

Stop Managing and Start Coaching

Episode 10: Stop Managing and Start Coaching with Zach Barney In today’s episode of The Sales Samurai, we continue to explore th…

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